Safety Experience That Works

For the past 60 years, Steed and Evans has always fulfilled its unwavering commitment to safety. Through regular, comprehensive employee training, constant communication with our staff, and a rigorous Health & Safety policy, we have established an envious safety record and a corporate culture that holds safety paramount.

Safety is evident in everything we do from working on construction sites to performing highway maintenance, effectively managing traffic control, and servicing our equipment year round through a full-time team of technicians.

In addition to education, another part of what makes our safety experience work is our staff retention rate. 40% of our supervisory staff has been with us for more than 25 years. This longevity has translated into a highly experienced crew who work efficiently together and create a safety-focused work environment through habits that have become second nature.

The results of our strict safety habits have kept our team accident-free during millions of work hours and have also been recognized in the industry with numerous safety awards.

How Steed and Evans Maintains Its Safety Record

  1. Safety is an operations responsibility - Workers, foremen, supervisors, managers and owners are responsible for safety.
  2. Accountability – We all take responsibility for safety, learn from each other’s experiences and look for ways to proactively improve our procedures and training.
  3. Reward – A positive safety attitude and good safety record are recognized with various rewards such as safety plaques, jackets and special hard hats.
  4. Fall Safety Meeting – This is our opportunity to recognize and reward our good safety records.
  5. IHSA Safety Trailer – This trailer comes to our job sites to assist in the safety training of our people.
  6. Employee Awareness – We spend time on safety, new regulations, WHMIS, and review the all reports from the previous year.
  7. Head Lights On – This makes our crew more noticeable.
  8. Vehicle Inspection – We perform regular servicing and preventative maintenance on our equipment to meet manufacturer and MTO regulations.
  9. Experienced Employees – Experience makes a difference.
  10. Peer Pressure – Accident free crew hours are recognized at each yard with a sign board.
  11. Defensive Driving Course – All approved drivers must take this course regularly.
  12. Health and Safety Reps – Every crew has a representative to ensure open communication within each division and management.
  13. Health and Safety Committees – Joint and Corporate Health and Safety Committees meet quarterly to discuss safety related issues and trends.
  14. Workplace Inspections/Audits – All permanent facilities and job sites are inspected monthly.
  15. New Employees – All new employees receive new employee orientation.