The Steed and Evans Story

Dating back to 1953, Steed and Evans has a proud history. From humble beginnings
to becoming one of the most trusted names in construction, this is our story.


Company is Founded

Roy Steed and Denis Evans founded Steed and Evans Limited, a structures and heavy civil engineering company.


Throughout the 1960’s, Steed and Evans focused on diversifying through expansion. Drope Construction and Moyer Sand were acquired and later became our Niagara Construction Division.

Stability to a seasonal business came in 1967 when the company was awarded its first winter maintenance contract in Toronto. Six decades later we still proudly clear and maintain roads and highways in Southwestern Ontario.



Key Acquisition & Notable Projects

In 1973 Steed and Evans acquired a Kitchener-based company called Blacktop Construction. Road construction and reconstruction, sewer and water main construction, concrete curbs and sidewalks, asphalt paving, and residential subdivision development services could all now be provided – this was the start of the ‘Steed and Evans Advantage’.

The ’70s were also noted for the completion of the East Street Main Tunnel in Welland, the Hamilton Entrance Bridges using an innovative beam launcher, several bridge rehabilitation projects, and epoxy asphalt paving of Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver.


Succession Planning

In 1989, succession planning began with the first Management Stock Option Plan offered to eight key management employees. This was the first step towards addressing Roy and Denis’ goal that Steed and Evans Limited would be offered to key employees to ensure its continued growth and prosperity for the benefit of future generations of company employees.

In 1996 another succession plan began which saw Brian Barrett, Walter Nudyk, and Malcolm Matheson purchase the construction, materials, and road maintenance business and retain the name of Steed and Evans Limited. 

In 1989 the company entered into a partnership to invest in a new asphalt plant in Cambridge to replace the old Preston Asphalt plant. In 1995 the successful operation was incorporated and named Cambridge Asphalt Supply Limited. In 2014 it became wholly owned by Steed and Evans.

Early in 1991 the company entered into another partnership to acquire the Frederick Asphalt Ltd plant. The name was then changed to Kitchener Asphalt Limited. In 1996 the plant was moved from Trillium Drive to just west of Kitchener in Petersburg and became wholly owned by Steed and Evans in 2011.

May 1999 was the start of our first Area Maintenance Contract which required us to maintain over 1,200 kilometers of highways in Southwestern Ontario.



Third Generation of Ownership  

In 2006, Brian Barrett withdrew from the day-to-day operations commencing the next succession of ownership to key management employees – Malcolm Matheson, Jim Hurst and Paul Sousa.


New Head Office

A new head office with expanded shop and office space was built at the entrance to our Heidelberg aggregate site. Since completion, the building has undergone two separate expansions to accommodate the company’s growth. 2008 also saw the expansion of our winter maintenance division by being award a contract from the Region of Niagara. 


Strategic Acquisitions

The acquisitions of Cross Country Concrete in 2013, McGillivray Trenchless Solutions in 2017, Mann Construction in 2018, as well as the formation of Halton Asphalt Supply through partnership with Nelson Aggregate Co. in 2014, furthered our goal to become a completely vertically integrated company. The addition of these companies solidified our ability to offer end-to-end services – the Steed and Evans Advantage!


The Next Generation 

To continue the unique Steed and Evans tradition of a succession of ownership to key management employees, the 4th generation was announced in May 2022. Ownership and leadership will be gradually transitioned to Cam Becker, Steve Mate, Matt Franzese, and Jared Sommers. 

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