Experience that Works

Over the last 70 years, we’ve had the privilege of working on a number of significant projects that have shaped our local community and Regional landscape. From small scale jobs to large, high profile projects ranging in complexity and scope, we continue to demonstrate our ability to successfully serve the provincial, municipal, commercial, institutional and private sectors.

Project: McQueen — Shaver Blvd

McQueen — Shaver Blvd

Cambridge, Ontario

Construction of new 2.5KM 4 lane divided roadway from Highway 24 to Franklin Blvd. in Cambridge. Scope included earthworks, excavation and grading, installation of sewers and large box culverts, granular, concrete, asphalt placement and new street lighting.

Project: Miller Waste

Miller Waste


This project was to expand the existing building and asphalt parking lot area to allow the new facility to hold 84 garbage trucks and employee parking. The scope of the work included earthworks, excavation and grading, installation of sewers, underground stormwater storage chambers, granular, concrete, asphalt paving.

Project: Rest Acres Rd

Rest Acres Rd

Paris, Ontario

Total Reconstruction of 2.9 Km of road including 2 Lighted intersections and 3 new Roundabouts. Steed and Evans was responsible for the Paving portion of the work. Ended up as runner up for Paver of the Year award from the Ontario Road Builders Association.

Project: Hwy 401

Hwy 401

Woodstock, ON

This was a resurfacing contract on the 401 that involved milling the existing asphalt and repaving the highway with SMA (Stone Mastic Asphalt). Also included in this contract was replacing loop detectors, traffic count stations, and a dome camera system. There was minimal shouldering that needed to be done as well.